Bernardos – Lagares

Batedeira para azeitona

Olive Malaxers

Malaxers brand Bernardos Lagares® Model BS totally manufactured in Stainless Steel AISI 304, equipped with: Highly efficient beater and dough mixing worm very low speed movement to achieve high extraction performance; Safety cover with main window and power cut for operator safety; Level probes, temperature controllers and solenoid valves; Manual discharge valves (Pneumatic valves optional); Water circulator; Equipped with three-phase electric gear motors, energy efficiency IE3; Maximum Circulation Pressure 0,5 Bar. Models: BS500 (500Kg.); BS700 (700Kg.); BS1200 (1200Kg.); BS2500 (2500Kg.); BS4000

Besides being manufacturers, we have a team 100% specialized in the assembly of equipment for olive oil mills. For more specific clarifications you can use our contact form or our Facebook chat.