Bernardos – Lagares

Company History

Our company History goes back to the early 1940’s when Vicente António Bernardo dedicated himself to the trading and assembly of olive oil mills machinery and other agricultural machines based of his installations in Alferrarede, Abrantes.

Later with the cooperation of both his sons, Armando Bernardo and Fernando Bernardo. Thin took over their father’s business focusing primarily in traditional olive oil mills and hydraulic batteries.

With the continuous evolution in the olive oil sector, and following th introduction of new oil extraction machines, in 1996 the Bernardos Lagares, Lda in finally founded. It started designing and building their own machines like hammer mills, olive washers, leaf blowers, water heaters, mixers, carriers, reception and marc silos. Starting to trade and installing new and used centrifugal decanters and separators, assembling complete extraction lines all over the country.

In the year 2000 Bernardos Lagares, Lda purchases the Sociedade Metalurgica de alferrarede, Lda (company and facilities) enabling it to increase its machine production capabilities.

In the early 20´s of the 21st century, Pedro Bernardo, grandson of the founder, takes over the company and starts a merging of both companies, Bernardos Lagares, LDA and Sociedade Metalurgica de Alferrarede, Lda. This merge creates Bernardos – Máquinas Oleícolas e Metalomecânica, Lda. The Bernardos Lagares ® brand is also implemented in all of our machines.

All of the Bernardos Lagares® equipment follows the EU machinery directive offering the client a warranty of quality in combination with our assistance and technical knowledge.

We´ve been playing a crucial role in the modernization of olive oil mills across our country, taking in consideration the actual business demands and following the origins of our company dating back to the 1940’s. we accomplish this by having our own fabrication unit which we use for building and providing assistance to all the equipment we commercialize.